Meanwell 60-48P driver and Profilux LEDcontrol4 v2


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I don't know if I should be posting this here are in the lighting/equipment section, but here goes. I set up a DIY LED system with Meanwell 60-48P drivers. I am trying to find information on how to connect these to my Profilux. I know I need to purchase the LEDcontroller4 v2, but I just want to make sure that this controller will work with these drivers. It mentions that it can take an analog signal and convert it to PWM, but the 60-48P driver is a PWM signal. If anyone has any experience with this type of setup, your help would be greatly appreciated.
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Since nobody commented I can hopefully point you in the general direction:
Years ago it was believed the "P" version will work w/ both 10V PWM and 0-10 analog, regardless of the "specs" stated.

If that is the case , it "should" work fine..

THAT very topic (10V PWM or 0-10v for the "P") has been well discussed at this forum.
Do a deeper search here..

Sorry I can't be more specific.