Melanurus wrasse- disease or transitioning


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Hi everyone. About a month ago I bought some fish and they have been in my QT since. I have done two treatments of prazipro. Two days ago, unnoticed my melanurus wrasse had two cloudy streak on his tail. I'm pretty sure it is an disease but thought I'd ask if it's maybe just the fish changing colors (from what I could find, the mature fish has coloring on it's tail). If anyone thinks it's a disease, what do you think it is? He is acting normal and the other two fish in the tank are acting normal with no visible sickness. Thanks!w


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Mine had something similar and still in QT.. I treated with paraguard and almost immediately 90% of the clouldy/white marks went away the same day.. However, its been about 9 days now and mine still has a small mark on him. I'm going to give him paraguard till 14 days to see if it fully clears up. I'm also doing TTM just in case... A few days after paraguard, he had some salt like marks on his body but I think that was some sand that stuck on him lol...