Metal halide reflector for 30 inch tank


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I have a 150 tall and after researching led vs halide I decided to go halide. My question is which reflectors will get the most bang for the buck? I want a SPS dominated tank with some lps and a zoa or two. Thank you.


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They do seem hard to find although there seem to be a lot of people who still prefer halides. I hope enough go back to halides so they start making bulbs in greater quantities. Then again considering we can't even keep food on the shelves who knows. That said I wish corals did better under LEDs but even now halides seem better for coral health and considering that my reef will be SPS dominant with a maxima or two and maybe even a magnifica anemone I want the best lighting possible over this reef. It also helps that halides just look better.


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I put a single 400 on a 36"x24" tank by cutting a luminarc in half and extending it using mirrored AL sheet. Made the reflector about 30x20 if i remember right. Worked great and I had no shadows.

I made my own reflectors for my old 300g (36x72) and used 3 of them the size above.

For simplicity sake, Id just grab any of the decent brand reflectors and add some LED supplements.


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If you can find them, I’d look for a pair of CoralVue Lumenbright Mini pendants. The reflector design is ideal for penetrating deeper tanks.