Metal Halide


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The shop where i am employed is replaceing all of the lights because of the cost of the bulbs. They are 400 watt metal halides
with a built in ballast. Will any metal halide work for reef aplications?
I hope so, i can get them for pretty cheap.


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There was a guy out here in CT who did construction. The site he was working on used MH fixtures to light the place up at night. When the job was done, he took 30 of them home. They aren't pretty, but worked well, I'm not sure what bulbs worked with them. I think you just need to open one up and see what type of ballast it is (M59, etc)


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The store may have been running them on a 220 volt line,if so you'll have to disconnect that wire & look for the wire that says 110 V.Hopefully they weren't cut off during installation.HTH


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Thanks for the replies.
I checked them out and they are set up to run off of 110 and they do have a M59 ballast.
This will save me alot of money.:rollface: