metal scraper on starphire glass - will it scratch?


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I need to scrape some corraline algae off my starphire glass. My algae free Velcro scraper isn't cutting it, and neither is my hand-held kent marine pro scraper. I'm deathly afraid of using a metal scraper blade and scratching my glass. What are my chances of it scratching?


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shouldn't be a problem. I have a metal scraper I used on my glass all the time. I also have used razor blades. acrylic scratches easily, glass not so much... The only scratches I've put into glass was from using a strong magnet and getting sand trapped between it and the glass.


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I use a metal scraper on mine as well and no issues. Just look it over well before hand to make sure there's no bends or burs on it


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Starphire is just glass with less iron in it, so it doesn't have the green tint to it. The hardness will be the same.