Meteor shower care info plz


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So I bought a meteor Shower coral and I need a little info on it . I have it in the Sade with low flow 60 gallon tanks with 4 t5 bulbs 54 watt


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They the meteorshower is pretty tolerant, but you should give it good light and decent flow. If you don't have good polyp extension or color then you know it's not happy.


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I've seen meteorshowers that like low light and ones that like medium light, but all I've seen love higher flow

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I have a piece about 1/2 way up the tank and it grows fast! Almost to fast. I'll be pulling the rock to frag a bunch of it.

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In my old tank, and in my frag tank, they grow like weeds. They seem to love LEDs, bright light and lots of flow. The colours also change a lot depending on light levels. I have some that have green flesh in high light, and deep blue when in lower light. I have been torn on whether to include them in my new build, because they have spread so fast in the past, and SPS frags were no match for them.

To the OP, move that baby more into the light and give it some flow and it should flourish. They also like a fair bit of nutrients.