MH ballast problem


i have an old magnetek m-57 ballast that wont fire
so im thinkin its the cap,being that old.
magnet humms but thats it
cap dishcharges a low spark.
any thoughts?
I would redo all connections first and then try replacing the cap, I run these ballasts and a poor connection keeps them from firing, and time, heat from ballast and corrosion = bad connections
i had the same problem with the ballast firing a low spark and then it suddenly stops after a 40 seconds or so. It may just be a sign of a used up lightbulb. I replaced the light bulb and had no problems since.
redid the connections because i have a diff setup now, crossed the cap and it seemed to be only a low spark
magnet doesnt seem to hum as loud as it used to as i remeber
thinkin i need to replace the whole works and be done with it