MH e-ballast and Baby Moniter interference?


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Just upgraded to Coralvue 2x250 eballasts and not I have heavy electrical interference with the baby moniter. Anyone else had this problem? Solutions?


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yep, that is a downside of e-ballasts. Mine also interferes with AM radio reception. As for solutions, I don't know of any short of getting magnetic ballasts.


Been down that road a few times, and dealing with it again. Try to ensure that the grounding wire is actually used in the harness to the fixture, and grounded to the ballast case as well. Try to make the lead from the ballast to the fixture as short as possible. You may want to consider a case for the ballast (with fans, of course). These have helped me in the past, and I'm getting ready to break out the trusty old diag's to work on my latest re-ballast job-it interferes with my favorite FM stations.
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If you talk to a TV repairman I think he can give or sell you a diode or something to block the interference.