MH reflector and sockets F/S


In Memoriam
I have 2- used PFO reflectors and sockets for sale. Cost $45.brand new. $30. each+ shipping.They are in Very,very, good condition.

Note:pFO now uses a 3 prong quick connect not show in picture. If you are using an older ballast you will need a special conversion plug, cost 5.00

ReefFlector, which include a 12" polished aluminum reflector (perpendicular) and mogule socket/bracket. Note the special bends increase bulb spread and intensity. Includes standard PFO Molex Connection and 8' cord.

SOCKET ASSEMBLY: The socket assembly is made of stainless steel with 4 holes punched for mounting and a ceramic mogule base socket for 175 - 400 watt halide lamps.

Dimensions: 12"L, 10.5"W, 5"H
I am not going to be able to attend the meeting I have a prior engagement. I will be at Gary M's place on sat .I can bring them if you want them.