Microbubbles in sump

Tim N Trego

New member
I took on the following project to try and correct microbubbles getting to my return pumps, and also the added benefit of cleaning up the hoses in my sump. The project consisted of a $5 rubbermaid container and a handfull of plumbing parts. The rubbermaid was drilled for waterflow in, out, and small holes in the top to allow any air trapped inside out. I still need to get some flex PVC and extra plastic around the shutoff valves are for extra support. Project was easy and hopefully functional, but I'll update my results after completing it.

The top view of the sump box with air holes

Holes in dop for drain and sides to allow water out

And the final view with shutoffs installed

Any idea's are welcome. I also have two plexi dividers next to the return pumps for any stray bubbles.