Mid sized reef build


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Hello, This is my first time on the website :wavehand:
I am going to build 75 gallon reef. I am going to build a stand and canopy because I want to have my overflow on the side of the tank and i am going to hide the pipes, I am aiming for something like this.

I will be getting brs reefsaver dry rock because I want to avoid pest at all cost. With that being said, what kind of sand should I get(again, pest-free) There will be a melanurus wrasse and gobies so it should not be rough but not to fine that it will create a dust storm.
I am going to use a 40 breeder as a Sump if I have enough money, if not I'll being using my 29 gallon(there is sand, rock and 1 clownfish)
What kind of fish should I get? Has to be reef friendly
I know I want a clownfish pair, and a yellow tang, I would like a blue tang but they get a 1' long. Is it possible for them to live in a 75? 48x18x21? I don't see why not, and I want the blue tang permanently, not for a year then returning it... If I it is a absolute sin to put a blue in a 75g, then what should I put in as a large, beautiful centerpiece fish that is reef friendly?
And Finally since i am going to get soft corals because I like their movement. What kind of led lights should I get, like my cheapest option, even if I have to DIY it. Thanks for the input, I will get the tanks when the next dollar per gallon sale happens. I just want feedback from you so I can start my plans. Keep in mind that I am just some 10 year old squeaker who is broke(not really but still low on cash, and trying to use Christmas to my advantage)
Thanks for any input.