Mid-year BRS Group Buy?


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We did one in January as I recall. Looks like people are starting to grumble again.

Gauging interest in another for May.

Its a bit of a process, I don't mind I guess. But if somone else wants to take the reigns let me know.

I believe the minimum is 10 participants. We crushed that last time and BRS had one of their best group buy weeks ever with our participation.

Who wants in?


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How does it work with BRS? Most group buys I've participated in are on a particular product... you get X number of people to commit to buying said product and the vendor gives your a discount.


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Jdoe, if you want to run it let me know. It can be a bit of a pain. I can help or just do it. Person who organizes gets 2000 BRS points=$20 credit with BRS. I don't want to be seen as greedy or anything, but like I said it takes a bit of time.

BRS group buys are pretty easy otherwise. Set up an account with them if you don't have one. Send your real name and personal email to organizer. Group picks. A date, a Tuesday. Once it starts you sign in and order WHATEVER you need an it ships to you.

Group buy prices are discounted. Once you've been in on a group buy your BRS account is elevated to "preferred" for life.

Group buy prices, cheapest
Preferred, cheap, but more than group rate

Otherwise you'd pay just regular retail. Bottom line its a win win and we all save a few bucks.


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Ok looks like a go. Wife's getting induced tomorrow so I'll follow along. Tuesdays in May are 5/3 5/10 5/17 5/24 and 5/31.

I vote for mid month as this takes a bit of time to organizeand get everyone involved. Sooner than say 5/17 and I might have to pass the baton.

Keep the dialogue goin y'all.


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daveml is gonna run this one.

So far 5/17 looks like a good date. Its Democratic, so whatever works for the most folks will be the date.

set up a BRS user name and password on BRS website (no purchase necessary at that time)
PM daveml with your FULL NAME and personal email.

Then await direction and instructions.