Milwaukee Area Coral Frag swap


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I hope you guys don't mind the post here, but we have some additional room and thought we would invite the neighbors :)

Discovery World/WRS/MARS/FVRS Coral Frag swap. Wow, we need a better name, but in the meantime registration is open for the event taking place September 19th from 9am until 5pm.

Discovery World
500 N. Harbor Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Discovery World is partnering with Wisconsin Reef Society, Madison Area Reef Society and Fox Valley Reef Society to put together what very well may become south eastern Wisconsin's largest frag swap. We have room and yes, electricity for upwards of 65 Traders and Vendors. In addition to the coral vendors the clubs are working on providing a full day of other related activities. Traders/Vendors and manufactures will be offered the chance to make a tax deductable donation to the coral/livestock/dry goods auction and or Raffle. Proceeds will go to Discovery World's Atlantic Coral Project. Just to entice you further, we have already had a few donations to the auction. Alternative Reef has promised a few goodies and there will be a handful of ORA corals as well. I will update everybody with planned attendance numbers and vendor participation as well as the list of confirmed activities on a frequent basis.

Prices for the attendee and vendor packages are listed below, admission includes full regular admission to Discovery World's aquarium and other exhibits as well as the frag swap activities.

Reservations will be handled by Mike Armgardt from our group sales department. Mike can be reached at 414-765-8618. To make life easier for everybody we can take your credit card over the phone.

Attendee price $8. Pre-registration is required. If purchased on the day of the event, regular admission rates apply. (A regular adult admission is $16.95 and parking is about $14 for 6 or more hours)
Admission to Frag Swap, Presentations, Admission to Discovery World's aquarium and all other museum exhibit areas & HD nature films
$5.00 parking for 1 car
Additional family members $8 each
T-Shirts available for $9 each

Vendor Price $40 per 4' section of table. Vendor setup will begin at 7am. We are looking into possible Friday night setup for interested people.
4' section of table with power
Admission for 2 people for Frag Swap, Presentations, Admission to Discovery World's aquarium and all other exhibits & HD nature films
One Event T-Shirt
Free Parking for 1 car
Free Behind the scenes Aquarium Tour
Additional family members $8 each
Additional T-Shirts available for $9

We will do out best to post answers and information on the forums we have access to, but any questions, suggestions, ect can also be sent to Discovery World's organizers, Paul or Ken

Thanks everybody, I hope to see you at the event!

Paul Hayden
Ken Billin