Min. flow through sump?


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My U-tube overflow does not work well on my new tank. Does anybody have a used CPR they are not using? I have one that is rated for 300-400 gph but would this be too small for a 165gal tank? I know I should have drilled it but what do I do now? Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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Yes its too small. Post in the Bar section, those guys have tons of stuff laying around.

What you probably want to do is add a second overflow box because you dont want to overflow your tank when the power goes backup and the overflow box is not ready.


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Chris, I have the front box and (2) 1" u-tubes from my flambe'ed tank if you want you can have those and it would be real easy to build the back box to what ever dimentions you need. If you want i can build the back box for ya and we could work out a deal on that rock? LMK