Mini Arctica Titanium Chiller Installation Help!


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Hi Everyone,

So I purchased a arctica titanium chiller yesterday for my 28 g Nano Cube, since my clip on fan was evaporating water way too quickly. The sales men gave me everything needed to instal the chiller, but my only concern was the water pump he sold me. I questioned him on the size, and max Gph flow rate. He told me that I need a stronger pump to handle any drop off in pressure. The chiller has a flow rate between 110 and 160 gph. The one he sold me was 1200 gph (Seemed way to high for me, but since I am new to this I trusted him). Got home installed everything, but I hit three issues. The first issue was the pump was too big to fit anywhere in my back columns. I ended up jamming it down into the middle column, under the filter medium tray. This resulted in my tray not being fully submersed into the water, and a tight fit for both the tray and tubbing. Second, the pump was way very loud to the point my girlfriend gave me that are you serious look. Third, was the water flow rate. It was pulling water way to fast to the point where it was not being chilled. Could anyone recommend how they set theirs up, and what kind of pump to use.

Thank you very much.


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He's correct in that you have to compensate for head loss but the mj1200 is rated at 295gph. That's 2-3 times what your chiller calls for. In my opinion, a mj 900 might have been a better choice.

As far as fitment, a lot of folks upgrade their stock return pumps to mj1200s. It should definitely fit in one of the side chambers.