Mini Coral Road Trip - March 18th


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Hi everyone!

I will be in the Bay area on this Saturday the 18th on business and will have frags available for this trip.

If you would like to see a list of what is available that you can pickup, please PM me.

Also, I will be bringing up the Tropic Marin Pro Coral Cure for those who have confirmed with me, if you would like a bottle or 2, please LMK by this Thursday. As soon as I know my schedule we can setup a meet.

Thanks :D

I sent you money for the coral cure already, but I won't be around on the 18th. I was going to pick it up from radiolunatic on the 25th. Maybe it would be easier if I sent you the cost of shipping, and had it shipped to me?
Still have some nice frags available.

I will be in the Bay Area on Saturday to meet for deliveries of corals.

If you would like to see the updated list, please PM me

Last minute addition to the list:

NEW Tyree Limited Edition -
Purple Green Eyes Cyphastrea japonica - sm fragment

PM if interested