Mini Crash....dough!


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What a stupid blunder I did!!!!
Last night In order to catch a fish, I drained water from my tank into containers, the SPS were exposed out of water for a few minutes. Then again, the sand got stirred up. I refilled the water.
My SPS were a lot slimy, I thought it was normal.
Today, I notice quite a few of the SPS tips are white & they are a lot stressed.
What are my odds to save them.


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I have exposed my sps to air for more than a few minutes on a number of occasions, they always slime afterwords but it never damaged the corals.

Do you have a deep sand bed? Have you tested the water?

Hope the corals are just stressed and it turns out to be fine.


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I've expose my SPS for 5 to 10 minutes regularly without issue. I had family came over mid water change and I said hello to everyone, etc. By the time I had them all setup in my living room listening to music, about 15 minutes had passed.

Stirring the sand is suspect.


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Well, it's a wait in progress. I did have some sensitive tiny stub frags that I lost, but it's again my impatience & lack of thinking through.


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A while back I read the Anthony Calfo "Book of Coral Propogation", he said he often travels cross country to and from shows with SPS in a sealed bag wrapped with a damp cloth in his pocket. They apparently do quite well with this technique. You have to limit evaporation so the salinity doesn't spike. They slime up, just like low tide. Never done it myself, but it seems like a reasonable adaptation to natural conditions. :)


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The odds you may ask, is depending on you, and your husbandry you should test for ammonia then do a w/c. and then its the waiting game.