Mini frag pack for sale & Mini Palmers colony

Big E

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I have this mini pack for sale-- 5 encrusted frags. A few are 1" and the rest are around 3/4". The pack is $65. These are the actual frags in the pictures.

1. Paletta pink tip
2. Peach rainbow acro
3. AV blue polyp austera
4. Lime in the Sky
5. Battle Corals Bonsai

They will need to grow more for all the colors to come kick in.

A also have this mini colony of a Palmers. The encrusted base is 2 1/2" x 3/4". The branches are 1". $40. I'll discount this if the person who buys the pack wants this also.

I'll also offer 25% off my other frags I usually sell for the pack or Palmers buyers if you want to add more corals.

Everything is first come first serve or first with paypal if you can't make it for pick up right away.

Palmers mini colony


You can see the mother colonies here---

If you need more pics let me know.



Peach rainbow


AV blue polyp


Lime in Sky--wierd angle the green section is 3/4"


Battles bonsai


I also have this Papillare chunk for $10 if you want to add it to the pack.


Big E

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The Palmers piece is still available. Here's a shot of the mother colony I took last week
for reference.