Mini tank tour


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I got a mini tank tour today wasn't planned just sort of happend. I got to see some really great reefs.

This morning I stopped over at Prugs and got a quick peek of his 210, sweet tank, nice assortment of fish and coral, loved the water bottle skimmer we didn't get into it as time was short. Could have spent a few hours.

I picked up a zoa frag from Chads29. Gave me a tour of his 75 and 30. Can't tell you home much I was impressed with his RBTA's magnificent color. His collection of SPS and LPS is fantastic. The mix of color is awesome. Still owe him something for the frag.

Two very different reef tanks, two different reefers. One very interesting days. Really makes me wish I still had the 120.

Thanks Prugs and Chads29 for the tour and your time.



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No worries man, glad you enjoyed it :) .

I am sure we will hook up again on another day.



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Your welcome to stop by when your in the neighborhood.
Didn't know you were interested in the water bottle skimmer. Sorry time was a problem with all my drinking buddies coming over :)
Did you go to the 7 Mile Fair? I scored a Mag3 pump for $5. The seller had no idea if it worked, so I wasn't going to pay more. Cleaned it up & wha-la, a great running Mag3 pump.
Last week I was there & could have bought some 9lb CO2 tanks for $15 each, & they were full. It's just amazing what I find there.


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I enjoyed our short visit. I would love to come back again and get a better look at the sump, water bottle skimmer and that overflow silencer (?).

We get up there maybe every 2-3 weeks in the summer and 1 a month in the winter. We like looking at the junk outside. Always amazed what is for sale. Did you see the alligators for $85 each. Wife wouldn't let me and my son have one. :)

I did pick up an iron stand for a 10 gallon tank that had a seahorse on it for $7. I cleaned and painted it and gave it to my Grandma. My Grandma has a sea horse tank 20XH or something like that it has a 10 gallon foot print. I owe my love for aquria to her.

Thanks again for showing my your tank. I really loved it sweet set up.