minor 120 update....


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ok, so the sump is under the stand, the counter top is together, and my 55g barrel is in it's final resting place. I have changed the drain pipes out for 2 footers. You can see that my fuge is going to be huge. I still need to cut the hole in the counter for the sink, thats this weekend's project. I also need to put in a new kick plate under the cabinets. When I installed the base cabinets, I neglected to remove the base molding. Well, that cause the counter to be off the wall by 3/4 of an inch. So I had to pull them out, cut the base off, and reinstall the cabinets. :rolleyes: that forced me to cut the toekick, as it wouldn't just rip off...







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Thanks, Chris. I have pretty much decided to go with an AquaC EV-240 skimmer with a mag 18. It will fit into my sump area sideways, and I was planning on plumbing an iwaki return from the bulkhead in the sump.... I actually should have this thing plumbed in the next few weeks, minus the return pump...


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thanks. It's coming along nicely. My 400w Solaris unit should be here next month. :D I can't wait to put it on the tank.


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Looking good. Glad you had your clothes on when you took the pix too!!!

Saw Robert's Solaris today, very nice unit!!!!