missing pulsing xenia...


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so i HAD pulsing xenia, When I first introduced it to the tank it started growing too rapidly and taking over, So i put it on a seperate rock that wasnt touching anything so it would be contained. Had it about 2-3 months and it grew all over this rock. no biggie. Well I had an incident with nitrates and killed most of my fish. Got it all under control, back and running great. One day I looked and there was absolutlely no trace of pulsing xenia. No dead stalks or anything. Just the rock that used to be the home of my xenia. Where did it go? anyone else ever had Houdini acts happen before? This is what I had in my tank at the time:
2 TR ocellaris clowns (1 died now)
long nose hawkfish
electric blue damsel
diamond goby (dead)
lubbocks fairy rasse (dead)
pencil urchin (wasn't near it at all)
random snail and crab cleaner crew

any ideas?


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If you killed off your fish, I think there's a very good chance your xenia died off as well. Xenia can be very sensitive to certain parameters. When it dies, it tends to just "melt" away. It gets smaller and smaller until one day it's gone.


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+1 on the parameters, and on that note, your clean up crew helped clean up the dying xenia and presto. no more xenia.


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but it would have left some sort of a trace wouldnt it?
Xenia can just melt away - No traces.