Missing Tailspot blenny culprit purple reef lobster??


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Purchased a Tail spot blenny and now its missing after two days of owning him :[ I currently own a jbj 45 rimless with a secured glass top with no holes or cracks. I've inspected around the tank to see if he jumped.. also the back of the tank where the filter and protein skimmer is.. I'm suspecting my purple reef lobster had something to do with it? My very small watchman goby is swimming towards the top of the tank like hes freaked out.. ive checked water parameters and everything checked out.

Livestock Current- purple reef lobster, mocha clown, green dragonnet, yellow watchman golby and one emerald crab and blue damsel.
So many questions...how old is the tank? Did you QT? Acclimation procedure? Reef lobsters are opportunistic feeders and are great at cleaning up dead or dying fish.