Mixed info on Dranonettes


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Our LFS, had a ruby red dragonet. I was simply curious as I know my system is not well enough established yet. I was curious about compatibility with my diamond goby and starry blenny. They told me that the issue would arise with my goby being that they would compete for the same food and places to hide.

Eventually I would like to get something cool in my 66gal. tank, other than the typical starter fish (cardinals, clowns, fire fish, etc..) This would be one of those fish, if possible. Doing some research online, I have not found a good compatibility list.

What are your thoughts??


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Have a diamond goby ,scooter blenny and a Mandarin none fight and they are all plump they are in my 75 reef

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The dragonet a d goby should be fine together imo. They could half be right in that the diamond stirring up the substrate may limit some of the pod population but it won't have an impact on those on your glass or rockwork (ie it will not be actively hunting them). The same goes for you blenny. It might consume some pods in any algae or when picking but won't directly target them. Fish that do out compete are micro predators such as wrasses (but again depends on the species).


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Dragonets ignore most fish and are usually equally ignored by other fish. Today I observed my Starcki damsel trying to push my Mandarin male away but he just ignored the damsel which then went furious for a better victim to bully (Grammas).

The only fish that are known to attack and kill Dragonets are the Pseudocheilinus wrasses (fourline, sixline, eightline). Those I would never mix with Dragonets.