Mixing Angels too risky??


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Have a Coral Beauty and six yellow tail damsels,but want to add
a Flame angel.Ive Had the coral beauty and damsel about 5 months.Thanks for any response.

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I don't think I would try it in a 55gl. I would hate to pay $50 on a Flame just to watch it die a miserable death.


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In my first reef tank (55 gallons), without knowing any better, I had a coral beauty and flame angel in the same tank together and they were the best of friends. They lived peacefully together for 2 years. When I upgraded to a 125, and they were reintroduced to each other, they shredded each other to pieces and I lost both of them. Go figure...


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In the 55, no. In the 125, yes.

I would NOT recomend trying putting these two fish together any a tank less than 300 gallons.


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I think the reason 'NICK18JETTA' was able to keep them in the 55g was because neither could set up a territory. Kinda like at the fish store where they have like 20 true perc. clowns in the same tank. If it was big enough for them to set up territories they would rip each other apart, lol. Just an idea ;).


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Why? Yellow tail damsels are about the least aggressive of the true damsel family. They are about the same or just a tad more aggressive then a chroma (also a damsel). Most clown fish besides the percs are far more aggressive then the yellow tails.

I'm lucky, in a 110 I've had a pair of corel beauties and a pair of flame angels. They key to mixing these guys are to either be in a small tank where they can't get territorial or have a high bio-load (not really recommended) which causes a lot of distractions which occupy the fish and takes away the aggressiveness. Or you go the opposite way and have a large tank. Any thing in the middle without a high bio-load usually won't work.