Mixing Clowns


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Hello. I have a maroon clown that I have in my fowlr tank currently. I am thinking about getting rid of this tank and I would like to put that fish in my Reef tank. I have a ocellaris clown in my reef tank. Would they get along? I really hate to get rid of my maroon clown because he is so friendly and would look great in my reef tank. But I dont want to cause any problems.



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I tried doing this in my 125. I have a pair of Ocellaris clowns and put in a Maroon clown that was given to me. I was hoping the tank was large enough to give them enough territory that they would not fight, but as soon as she spotted my Ocellaris pair she attacked the female Ocellaris. I had to pull the Maroon out and give her away.

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I have a pair mocha clowns and a maroon clown, the mochas are both a little large then her. All three get along and stay in the bubble tip anemone near each other. I also have two percula clowns and a redsea clarkii in my 29g biocube, so far they coexist with each other. Maybe i'm lucky so far?