Mo do you know @ this ?

I saw that and what are you thinking ? :) is a little too early but I don't mind if the gang is up to it. I know next Saturday I have to be home.
March 26 at NOON
At Ogden Pediatrics
4415 Buffalo RD
North Chili NY 14514

Two weeks. You can come! lol
I need help with
1) obtaining more microscopes. My vendor is not as much help as I wanted
2) Photography....We can also use my personal computer at work to edit the pictures....but I need to get the software, etc...
Several have offered, but I have not really set anything up yet.

If you want to trade frags, there will be room, but again that is not my major goal...

I have more space then last time, to support my obsession/hobby...

There should be lots of things to look at....
sps tank
lps tank
Sea Horse tank
prop system
macro algea tank....
and at least one microscope....

Kids are more then welcome...but they are yours so watch them :):):):)
as per this thread:
bmac give me a time to call you about the frag swap in north chili...ill get explicit directions and also do you want some blastos and or acanthastrea, its available, sure you could work something out with the guy...also we have to bring home some stuff for zooqi, along with take stuff there for peoplefrom zooqi...its awesome, just let people know what you want before we go so they can have it ready for us when we get there....last time i was up there people had boxes of corals with names on it for was crazy fun....
hey mo, do you have anything you would like me to hand out to push reefnest a little, maybe them flyers i was doin at ohio.., maybe give me some ideas about anything else you would like to see from bmac and i, i greatly appreicate it...this way i can plan accordingly....