Mocha ocellaris


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I went to manhattan aquarium yesterday and they had a tank with these mocha ocellaris that were stunning. I watched them for about 15 min and found a pair with a lot of orange and they seemed to be pairing in the tank so I bought em! Check em out:


They still have not ventured into the front center of the tank. They stay to the sides and back. They ate some mysis after a few hours, but even then they would not go over the rock wall. They would start to go for the food but. Backed up and waited for it to come to them. They seem ok, just wondering if this is part of how they acclimate.
There are only 2 firefish on the tank, and they hide In the rocks mostly. Params are in check:
Ph 8.12, sf 1.025, ammonia nitrite nitrate all 0.

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It'll take some time for them to feel comfortable in their new environment. I wouldn't worry about it.

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Mocha Clowns

Mocha Clowns

They sound like what others are selling as Chocolate Occelaris.

Give them a flower pot or little cave that they can claim as their territory.


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thanks...there are a few caves etc in the rockwork but they havent found them yet, i'll see if in can find something suitable...unfortunatly there arent any corals they can host in yet, and a nem is a ways off in the future once the tank has matured...
could there be too much flow? i read that they love playing in flow, i have two return lines, one sprays right to left along the back wall, the other points a locline down at a section of rockwork along the back. I also have tow tunze 6055's, one in each rear corner pointing at an agle towards the middle of the tank...
i dialed the flow down low, but it didnt make a change in their location