Modified LED Pucks into Radion


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Hi All,

I posted this is the DIY section but maybe it belongs here in the light section:

So I thought I read somewhere but cant find it anymore, where people have updated their G2 pucks to the pro version as a DIY (adding the center yellow and the 4 violets and installed them back into their Radion lights.

I had some G2 pucks laying around that I DIY's to Pro for a DIY build I was going to do, but decided against.

I put these modified pucks into a radion G2 light, and the pucks work, but I cannot get updated to see violet channel. (ie Lights/software still think G2 pucks installed)

I was talking to ecotech and they obviously were not so helpful in this case since I did a modification to the boards myself.

Maybe this is not possible, but I thought it was being done and discussed....

There must be something on the boards that identifies them to the light as either G2 or Pro

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.