Mod'n a BC29 to the basement? Fuge?


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Ok, can't seem to get my nitrates below 20 on my BC29. It seems to be getting a little worse with the weather getting warmer (temp hovers around 81 now). Also, in the long run, I would like to get a little smarter about the setup I have.

Here are my thoughts.

Directly below my BC, is the storage room that has access to a drain and the RO/DI water supply. Sooooo, was thinking about putting a fuge down there with an auto feeder from the RO/DI unit.

This would help dilute the bio load, keep the water level correct, and hopefully cool the overall system since it is like 65 degrees in my basement.

Here is what I don't do I setup a system of pipes/pumps so that I don't create a disaster by pumping water upstairs? I am sure there is a solution to this, but have zero experience with what is available.

The auto topoff for the RO/DI...that should be easy, correct?

I also wanted to make some way to do larger water changes easier by just having a drain out of the fuge (is this still needed?)

Thoughts/ideas would be great.....

I would even consider hiring out to get this accomplished if someone wants a side gig.

I also posted this in the local Chi-town forum, but thought the general RC public might be able to chime in better.

k, thanks in advance for ideas/info!