Mods to a JBJ nano cube 12 gallon


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Hi everyone,
Hope everyones holidays went well and such. Many of you know i sold my 135 gallon tank a while back however, i've kept a 12 gallon nano cube. I'd like to upgrade the lights. I know i can either scrap the whole top of the tank (hood) and put a MH in place but i think even the smallest MH would be overkill on a 12 gallon, so i was thinking of some how adding in more PC's. Does anyone know how this can be done?

mr pink floyd

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i got the PC upgrade for the biocube 14. im not positive, but im pretty sure theres a similar one for the JBJ.

check nanotuners or nanocustoms, the mod for the biocube wasnt very difficult, so i wouldnt expect the other to be


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I am in the works of finishing my 12 gal jbj cube mod with a 150w coralife hqi fixture...will post some picts soon...



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I use one of the K2 viper clamp-on 70w MH lamps for my 10gal frag tank. It works pretty well if you don't mind an open-topped tank.


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Yeah, I have to say, mike has some of the best stuff I have ever seen anyone do under pc's. Mike your tank will look sweet once those tubs take over!