Mold or salt creep?

Lucky Lefty

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So there is a bit of condensation around y sump area.

As you can see in the photo, I have made an apron from contractor bags to direct the slight drips I have from my threaded fittings into the sump as opposed to on the floor of the stand.

This morning I noticed this white mold like substance hanging down from the wood. Def was not there when I stapled up the contractor bag apron.

Is this a common sighting with saltwater tanks given the condensation and warm water??

Thanks. Any advice greatly appreciated as I do not want me or my family breathing in mold.


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NEO Reefer
That doesn't look like salt creep to me. Salt creep is brittle and crusty white. Does it break off when you touch it or is it fuzzy? If it breaks then salt fuzzy mold.

gone fishin

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salt creep is pretty easy to tell, it is crystalized or crusty. If it is mold that is a big deal. I have never had mold around my tanks or in the room it is in.

It goes without saying to fix the drips as soon as possible.