Molly miller blenny ?


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I have what I believe to be a molly miller blenny in my tank. He snuck in while i was first setting my reef tank up on a piece of LR. Well, I think he ate all my peppermint shrimps. I saw him chase a couple of them when i first put them in to control some aptasia. I havent seen any of them in about 2 weeks. Could the blenny have eaten them?

Has anyone seen this behavior before?
I'm not sure about this, but I think that most blennies are herbivores. Not only that, but I've always heard that they are very passive. I doubt the blenny was responsible.
Its just that i did see him chase them a bit. I dont know if peppermints will have a 'cleaning station' that could possibly explain why he was following them. there were 5 shrimp and i haven't seen them for about 2-3 weeks. And I was reading something about them on one of these web sites and i talked about them being omnivores. so , i dont know.
My molly miller blenny ate a cleaner shrimp, micro serpent stars, ricordia yuma mushrooms, even zoanthids (I was hoping they would kill him)