Monster Eel Tank

Long time no post, been busy in life and general, just finished a large water change on the monster Eel tank tonight, the boys look great especially the Big old Tess
we love this tank so much we have just ordered another 9x3x2.5ft tank to replace our red sea reefer xxl
hope you guys enjoy
That is a stunning display; I've never seen more than one or two kept, and they were a great deal smaller than that- Holy Cow!
thanks heap, The big Tess does not tolerate any other Eels in his tank except for the White Eye's, they are known to co habit with larger predatory eels in nature, so they have grown up together for years in our tank :)
We have another 9x3x2.5 tank coming soon for large tangs and angels :)
I'm looking forward to seeing it. Thanks for sharing.
The tank is on order and will be here in a few months, so in the mean time I threw a filter on to the camera to combat the blue light and it turned out perfect, so so happy with this tank, also a few people have asked about the rock work, its a 100mm PVC structure that I used as a base then used E Marco cement to secure a skeleton you could say around it, there are 4 hidey holes at the back and 2 at the front,
Added a beautiful Emperor Angel, Blue Ringed Angel and Copperband this morning, and some extra coral, GSP, Xenia and some Clover (Hopefully act as weeds) lol
Tank looks wicked, hope you guys like it as much as we do