Monti Eating Nudi's...Help


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Okay, the title is self-explanatory. I have pretty much lost one major colony to these little punks already.

I know there has been a thread with medication advice, anyone know the link?

Or if anyone remembers the best treatments and where they are sold in town I would be very appreciative. I hope to get this dealt with today so I don't lose any more.

Thanks everybody!!


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I have never had luck with dips or medications. But I did have luck with a trio of starving peppermint shrimp and a Hovens coris wrasse.


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I guess that is hopeful. I have 5 peppermints and 2 coris wrasse (yellow & green) so hopefully between the meds and the livestock I have a chance.


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The wrasses will only keep the populations of the nudis low. They will not completely eliminate them. This is a good article to read I tried a few methods then finally went with the Potassium Permagnate and it worked. I killed a lot of corals with it as I overdosed it. But I think your kidding yourself it you think you can get rid of these guys and save all your montis. Good Luck!