Montipora Spongodes?


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I purchased 2 frags of this a little while ago. It's starting to encrust the nearby rock. I would like it to grow more vertically. Would lowering it encourage upward growth?


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Montipora Spongodes?

Mine is about 19" under ATI T5's and it goes through periods of vertical growth then it will plate out...

I also have a few frags much higher on my frag rack and they exhibit the same cycles of alternating growth patterns.
Back when I had one it always seemed to go through cycles, as Southreef has observed as well. When it was small it needed to encrust a lot before branching out.

I always kept it on the edge of my lighting, 150 to 200 PAR.



It is apparently the all time favorite food of Montipora Eating Nudibranchs and was the first to be consumed. :headwally: