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Anyone out there use them? If so, what brand and how many would you need on a 5' canopy for a 125g?

White or Blue?


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I would use six or eight on a 125. I use blue because I like the looks. I would be afraid the white LEDs might not let the corals rest (they would stay open) at night, but I have never used them and am not sure of this. Even with blue, the corals directly unde the LEDs will stay open, which is why I have them set up to tturn off for 6 hours each night.


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I would use 2 to 3 on the Current Lunar Lights, the Blue color as well. I just put 4 on my 180 and they look pretty good, the Blue also makes the corals stand out a little bit at night. Those Lunar lights are pretty inexpensive as well, I purchased mine from aquacave.