Moore Cabinetry Canopy & Stand for 135 Gallon Tank


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This is a canopy and stand made for a 135 gallon aquarium. Moore cabinetry is one of the finest aquarium stand makers out there. The canopy & stand has a black matte finish with cherry wood accents on the doors of the cabinet & the top of the canopy. This canopy can accomodate metal halides because it is tall. We had 2 175 watt metal halides & 2 48" VHOs and it fit with room to spare. This is a beautiful piece of furniture & cost us well over $1000 to order. We are asking $300.

Please see attached picture. Please note: THIS IS JUST FOR THE CANOPY & STAND, NOT THE AQUARIUM!!

There will be no shipping available, only pick-up. We are located in Los Alamitos, CA. We are certainly willing to meet halfway if located farther away, within reason of course! :)


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wow, very nice looking. what's the measurements of the stand and canopy?


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The dimensions are as follows:

6ft 2 inches in length & over 5 ft tall (with a show tank)

It is 18 inches wide (front to back)


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no, but it is open in the back for ventilation. We had a hamiltons technologies lighting set-up in there with 1 fan and never had problems w/it overheating.