More FREE beginner frags


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Need to clear my frag rack and sand bed.

3"+ frags of branching gsp (multi branch) x3
1.5-2" frags of green bird's-nest x2
small rock of sunny-d palys w 4-5 polyps (they got shaded so they need some tlc).

Small rock with Kenya trees and 10-12 captain jerk palys. Can text pic if you want...

FREE! Therefore, socially distant pick up only in 91601 (near cahuenga and 134 fwy). FCFS. Donations/trades welcome, but not necessary.

Sorry no pics, but we all know what these corals look like, haha. Oh yeah, and they're FREE, lol.

Thanks and happy Friday!


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Most of it's pending for pick-up today.

still have a couple branching gsp frags and a birdsnest frag at the moment.