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i have read alot of the threads on rc and am thinking of starting with ozone. i have a 220 gal main tank with 125 gal sump and 58 gal ref. i installed an orp meter last week and am getting an high of 331 and it drops once in awhile to 318. i have never used ozone and want to find everything out before i decide. i know it cleans/polishes water but does it also help remove nitrates/phosphates? i see alot of talk about whos ozonizer is made better but im not at that point yet.i just would like to know the pros and cons so i can decide if it is for me. by the way i will be keeping a mixed tank sps,softies and lps if that makes a difference. also i am running an etss skimmer that does not recomend using ozone because of the short contact time in the chamber they say it wont help much. would i have to use an ozone reactor? thanks for any help you can give. :bounce3: :bounce3: :bounce3:
for ozone reactor, I believe premiumaquatics sells one or make a cheap one out of pvc

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I don't know if your post count says anything about your experience in the hobby or not

but with anything new I would first research it and make an informal decision, not just go by people's opinion, which can be very bias ;)

here is an excellent long thread that should give you good info on it

Thumbs up for Ozone!

second there are many ways to go about it, few pointers

coralife - junk units
red sea - seem a few bad units - has control knot
enaly - cheap powerful unit-ebay- 200mg - no control knot
Sander - seems to be the best quality - unit - but pricey

them you need to have a air filter with moisture removing bids, so that the unit works at optimum performance, and the unit stays clean thus not producing nitric acid, which studies have shown
harmful to aquatic life even in low concentrations due to its acid nature

them you should post carbon treat the water to make sure is clean and no bad chemicals made by the reactions reach your livestock

them you need to post carbon the air output so the people close to the tank are not harm

make sure the skimmer is ozone safe, ozone is a very powerful oxidant.

a controller is always a good idea, so you can dial in your preferable ORP 350-420

so now that thats out of the way :D

Ozone is good in my opinion,

1. because in low dosages improves the performance of my skimmer,

2. makes the water crystal clear, fish look like they are swimming in air,

3. it makes me feel that bacterial are keep under control, any that enter the skimmer are eliminated, similarly like a UV

another example where ozone is used and why

"only 5 grams/hour is enough to clear the water on a 120,000 gallon shark tank when injected into a protein skimmer, 1gram/hour will clear a heavily loaded ray bay touch/feed tank."

statement by Justjoe, Curator/ CoFounder, Atlantis Marine World

research and good luck,

thanks for the input and info. my skimmer is rated for ozone but they said in the manuel that ozone thru the skimmer would not be very effective due to the short contact time. i have never seen an ozone reactor installed and am wondering the best possible set up. should i take the output on reactor and run it into the skimmer? or just let into the sump with some carbon.also is their any better way to dry the air than using the beads? thanks again