Moulting issues - Small mantis with big hermits


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Hey Guys,

I have a newly aquired small mantis (about 3/4 inch) in a 5G tak with a bunch of medium-sized hermits. He's made a home in one of the empty hermit shells.

Problem is that the shell is knocked around a few times a day by the large hermits. In moulting time, would this disturbance stress and kill the mantis?

I have a piece of solid lava rock in there (not live rock), but the mantis always uses the shell instead of burrowing under the larger rock.

Any input?




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In a small 5 gal. tank, a small Mantis with a few big hermits is not too good. Would remove the large hermits and offer the little Mantis more burrow building options.


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Comment removed~dc

I will second Mentat's advice.
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5g is plenty for such a small mantis. and i would not trust any hermits around him. i would keep him by himself besides animals that could do him no harm.


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Thanks for the advice guys.

I'm curious to know what the deleted comments said... I'm sure I could extract some useful information from them, or a reality check =P


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The first one told you to get a ten gallon and made a negative comment about the possibility of you being cheap for not buying one. The second was a reply which stated not everyone has money handed down to them from their parents.

You didn't miss anything. Don't worry. And the top part of my post will probably be deleted but oh well you get the point. Listen to Thurge and Mentat, they know what they're talking about; I second their recommendations.

Cheers and welcome.