mounting advice?


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Tomorrow I plan to mount most of my SPS frags.
I have high light areas, medium light areas, and lots of height for growth available.
Any advice on PAR levels or other tips on these corals?
Here is my list and what I think it needs in terms of light levels.
I assume they ALL need high flow, so all mounts except the monticap/scroll mounts are in direct line of powerheads
I plan to mount the narrow frags on their sides to encourage thicker growth.

Highest Mounts (about 6-8 inches below water)
ORA Marshal Island Blue bottlebrush "“ high light
Strawberry Shortcake "“ high light
Ultimate Blue staghorn "“ high light
Extreme purple tabling acro "“ moderate to high light
Aculeus acro "“ high light
Orange monti setosa "“ moderate to high light
Idaho grape monticap "“ moderate to high
Scroll Coral (orange) "“ moderate to high
red digi - high light

Middle high mounts (about 8-10 inches below water)
Candlelight Acro "“ moderate light
Red Planet "“ moderate to high light
Electric green pavona - moderate to high light
Blue Ridge coral "“ moderate to high light
Blue enchinata "“ moderate to high light
Blue parilis acro "“ moderate light

Lowest mounts (about 10-14 inches below water)
Purple Stylo "“ moderate light
Green slimer "“ moderate to high "“ gets tall - will be higher light once it grows
Blue stylo - low to moderate light
Green stylo - moderate light

Any arrangement advice would be welcome. Here are most of the frags which I may have mixed up the names of