Move Seabae from 125 to 27?

Mike Murphy

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My Seabae of about 3 weeks has been in my 125 but it will not attach. I have it protected from clown with a plastic 3 litre bottle cut in half with plenty of holes for water circulation. My tank has a return flow from a Reef Dart and also a Tunze wavemaker. I skim, have 3 MH 150 wt and 4 96 wt actinics. PH 8.4, 0 nitrates, nitrites, amonia, calcium a little low at about 380-400, mag is about 1300, alk 2.5, temp 80. If I don't keep the clown out of it it can't eat and he just pesters the heck out of it. I want it to settle down and attach before I let him at it. Just did a wter change last night of about 35 gallon. I would like to have it closer to a metal Halide so I'm thinking about moving it to my 27 hex which if it stays high in the rocks it will be very close to the lights which I feel would benefit it and maybe later moving it back to the 125.
It is eating and looks pretty good just not attaching.


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Well, normally they don't attach to rocks, and prefer sand.
I would prefer to keep in larger system to help keep params as stable as poss.