Moving 200 gallon tank suggestions on restarting


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I need to move a 200 gallon tank.

has a few softies and BTS.

I'm thinking about semi starting new, with new live sand and dead sand.

Getting new live rock/ base rock.

The tank has high phosphates and diatoms hence wanting to semi start new.

I would need to move over the rock that my bubble anenomes are in.

The current fish i can put them in buckets and QT them for a month and do water changes every couple days....

Any other suggestions?

Michael Hoaster

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Good opportunity to start anew. You'll have to take everything out of the tank anyway. Not sure new rocks and sand will fix your issues, but if you want them, why not. Now is a good time to think about system changes. Any aspect of your tank system that could be improved? Do it now.

I've recently been made aware of a new idea to apply to starting a new tank setup, which you might like to try. Keep the lights out for the whole cycle. Why? When cycling, you are growing nitrifying bacteria. If you do this with the lights on, you encourage bacteria that is helpful to algae. This leads to what was thought to be the inevitable 'ugly phase'. Leave the lights out, and the uglies can be avoided altogether, and will be less likely down the road as well.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!


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thanks all for the suggestions. Got some base rock, will get some live rock, and i need to move over about 30-40 pounds of old rock as it has all my Rose anemones and various shrooms.

Will put everything in some large buckets and keep them there until the main tank fully cycles.

Any idea of the water change needs to keep the fish in the buckets happy and healthy? Since itll just be a power head and heater, just want to make sure they stay healthy.