Moving a 55g reef? Stand on wood floor?


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I will be moving my 55g reef from my 3rd floor apartment to a house and was wondering what everyone thinks is the best way to move the tank?

Also the tank is going to be placed on a hardwood floor. Does anyone know of something that will help prevent the floor from denting from the wieght of the tank?


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Best thing is to find a friend that can have your fish put in their tank, and to get rubbermaid containers for your LR to just move over in your car. IMO about the hardwoood floors, I don't have any experince with that, so can't help you their but somebody else will chime in with that info. Hope I helped out


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Depends on what you mean by hard wood. If its oak its not going to dent, if its pine it may. If you have one of those metal stands where the weight is concentrated in 4 legs the you could get some larger furniture coasters(i dont know the name) but if its a regular wood stand i wouldnt worry about it. What i would worry about is getting water damage on the floor, especially if you are renting. If you can not get at the under part of the stand to dry the floor immediately you should like into one of those thick vinyl or plastic mats (like the ones the put on carpets in offices so chairs can roll) so protect the floor.