Moving agian for a few months


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Well I am moving agian for a few months. I got another internship like last year but this time I am not within driving distance for meetings. From May until December this year I am going to be in Ft Myers Florida working for a third party logistics company (Allyn International). So I am going to try to get to the REEFNEST frag swap so that I can atleast get to one this year. Any chance the NCPARS meeting will be before May 18th? Also anyone know of any good reef shops in Ft Myers so that I can overnight stuff home?

I posted this message the other day in the REEFNEST forum by accident and wanted to post it here for sorry for the double post.


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hey zac
ncpars is sponsoring the reefnest event may 6th and mo is doing his own raffle demo... we are just paying for it due time to the timing issuse.