Moving all must go! 29gal Biocube


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Moving and must sell! This great setup has been running for 7 years, great coralline growth.
29gal Biocube:
Possum Wrasse, Catalina Goby, Randalls Pistol Shrimp with companion Goby, small Tuxedo Urchin, misc snails, misc Damsels
Toadstool Leathers, Gregorians, Xenia, Mushrooms
Live Rock
24" Coralife Metal Halide with hanging kit. Replaced CF with LED strips.
Vortech MP10
I do have the original top but I'm missing the ballist
Will include several containers of new Elos food, new 16oz flats of brine and mysis, your choice of supplements (Elos, Seachem, CaribSea. Vita Chem, etc.), nets, four 5 gallon water containers, 2 1/2 gal buckets, 58lb bucket of Oceanic natural sea salt, plus, plus, plus!
Using two metal storage lockers for stand
Complete set up $200 OBO or will part out
Please PM, text or call 602-703-2064
Thanks for looking!
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Also have Aquacontoller Jr, just control unit. Needs energy bar. $100 or $75 if purchased with tank setup.


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Need to sell - Reduced Price

Need to sell - Reduced Price

:fish2:NEED TO SELL!

Whole setup with Aquacontroller Jr. $250 OBO

Gregorians are gone, biocube top is gone