Moving an Octo?


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I am about to purchase my first octo in about 5 weeks, and I am also moving in about 3-4 months, leaving my octo in my tank about 3 months before moving him. I was wondering how well they deal with transport or if anyone has tried moving with one. I have a 40g so it should be too hard to move everything including old water, LR, and sand in a relatively undisturbed manner. Just thinking I should maybe wait since octos are kind of sensitive.Thanks!
i think I would wait for a bit.

Moving house is stressfull enough without the worry of moving a ceph too!!! I think that there are too many things that could go wrong.

Octopuses are always going to be available :)

Definately wait. What is the water quality like where you are moving to? Little changes in make-up water as well as all other major changes which go along with a move can have a dramatic effect.
I'm staying within the city, but I use RO water from my LFS anyway, and I'll be staying with the same LFS so I'm not too worried about the water. The place I'm moving to will be at most 15 minutes away. That's why I was thinking about getting him before. However, if it's going to ge too hard on him, I'll definately wait.
I've been thinking about this alot lately and I would really like to get the octo. Do you really think a 15 minute away move would be stressful? I'll be able to keep all the same water, sand and live rock. At the most I figure he'll be in a container for about 1-2 hours. Just thought I'd ask again, I hate to think of waiting another 3 months but if it's too tough I understand.Thanks!
All moves are stressful to some degree. You are taking apart a stable environment, re-arranging everything,and putting it back together. You are gambling the life of the animals you purchase before hand. I have heard one guy tell me that a simple move from one side of a room to another can be enough to stress the inhabitants and couse fatalities. I have also read MANY posts on disasters occuring while changing fish tanks at the same location. Less than one month ago I heard a guy talk about a total system meltdown from switching a 55 gallon to a 90 gallon at the same spot. Ultimately all decisions you make are yours! Choose wisely.
Alright, you convinced me :rolleyes: , thanks though, I'm sure it will be for the better. Is there anything I can stock in my tank until then that will possibly improve the water conditions such as macroalgae or a fish or something?
couldnt help but notice your signature, will the octo be housed with your fish listed? if so he may eat them? also have you had an octo before, they are worse escape artists than eels, make sure EVERY thing is sealed, they are inter-tidal and can survive out of water for an hour or two, but usually end of drying up if they cant return to the water, I had one in a classroom of mine at college, and I showed up on Monday and it was like 40 feet away from the tank on the floor, dead ofcouse and it stunk the whole room up, the good thing was we cancelled class..LOL but just want to warn you to make sure you know what your getting into. goodluck and keep us posted