Moving and selling all my SW stuff.


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Have some bills i have to pay off and cannot take my tank with me unfortunately, I will defiantly get back into it again but with a bigger tank and more knowledge the second time around.

My prices may be off, correct me where needed.

Live stock and rock must go before the essential things. 6 line wrasse 15$. Red band pistol shrimp 5$. Red linkia star 10$. 3 different leathers 5$ ea, Frogspawn frags 2 heads ea 10$ea?. 4 polyp rasta 15$. 8-10 polyp wammies and dragon eyes 5$ea Galaxea 10$. Gsp and pulsing Xenia free. Snails and hermits free. 75-80 lbs of live rock 80$. 60 lbs live oolite sand 20$.

Hydor power heads and smartwave 20$ ea. Quad t5 light 80$. eshopps psk 100h skimmer 60$. Md 7 Return pump 20$.

2 ten gal tanks 5$ea. 40 breeder 20 long (the set up system) 60$ for both and the stand for them,29 wood trim that needs a reseal 10$.

Brute bin for mixing. Heaters. Cfl sump light. And bunches of misc things such as food and dosing elements.

400$ for everything i have tank related not sure as the best way to go about pictures but PM me and i can either email or text them.


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Also marineland led lunar light 15$, API test kit used 3-4 times, 10$, and 3 different mushrooms, small purple smooth one 5$, brownish green bumpy mushroom 5$ and neon green fuzzy mushroom 20$.


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I'm sorry you have to take a break. Hopefully you will be back up in no time. I've sent a PM sent about the pistol shrimp.