Moving, anyone that moves reef tanks?


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So I'm worried about moving my 40gallon without killing everything or cracking the glass. Probably 40 pounds of rock and sand, corals mostly on the rock, and a few fish. Havent tried moving it before, seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Its a local move, Broward to Miami, wondering if anyone has used a moving service for reef tanks and had a good experience, if theres any local places that will safely move the thing for a reasonable fee.

I'm tempted to just buy a new tank at the other end, new sand and just move the rock/coral/critters. But upgrading is a dangerous path to go down too ;)
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You cannot move the tank with with stuff in it. You will have to remove everything except the sand. If you bag everything up right and try not to stir up the sand too much live stock should survive.


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Get yourself a few containers. and pour water from your system in the containers along with your corals fish etc(I would use one for fish the other for corals). You should have almost no water in your tank (a little less then a qtr). Prepare to do a 10% 20% water change once you getting your system up in the new location. Everything should be fine.

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Don't be worried. A tank that size is easy to move. Just remove everything as stated above. As you read, you'll see that we've moved much larger tanks with zero loss. Just come up with your plan. Rubbermaid tubs, and air pumps are your friend. Be prepared to setup a temp/quarintine station at the new place if you disturb the sand bed in transit.