Moving, breaking down tank!


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Like the title says, we're moving and can't take the tank with us, so everything has to go, starting with the livestock. To keep it simple, corals, fish, inverts will be $5 each. Live rock at $0.50/lb. There are a couple of encrusting corals that will just go with the rock. I'm also flexible on bulk prices if somebody wants to take most or all. I really just want good homes for this stuff!

2) Tank raised clowns
1) Lawnmower blenny
2) Serpent starfish
2) Peppermint shrimp
~50lb live rock
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I could definitely use any rock without corals on it for my new setup. Let me know if it hasn't already been spoken for.


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Ok, I'm down to a few loose coral frags, a few that are encrusted and about 15lbs of live rock. There is also the sand and a handful of snails/hermits. Will post pics of what's left once the water clears up a bit.


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Last gasp sale to get rid of as much as possible before moving. Down to the following. Make Offers, please! I'll be flexible with reasonable offers.

Tank/Stand (52 gal main tank, 17 gal sump, 3-sided viewing (was originally an entry way divider) - $150
FULL 5 gal bucket of very wet sand, medium fine - $10
Radion XR30w LED lights w/Reeflink wireless interface - $400
Reef Octopus Classic 150 INT Skimmer - $75
Iwaki MD30RXT circulation pump - $75
Rio 1700 - $10
Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker w/pumps - $15

I have a number of other free odds and ends to be picked through if interested.
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I'm also looking for two small pumps. And any items that could make pumps rotate or wiggle. If the Ocean Pulse pumps don't work with the Tunze, I'd be next in line please.